Nature in Crete

Nature endowed Crete with the best “materials”

The nature in Crete, presents a special peculiarity, with incomparable beauties.
Each route in Crete is unique. Variant sensations, flavors, images, sounds accompany visitors at every step.  Special weather conditions and enormous geological contradictions have formed unique landscapes, surprising the visitors and keeping senses constantly alert.
The nature is really beautiful, there are a lot of interesting walks, abandoned villages and ancient chapels.

The coastline of Crete is a little over 1000 km in length and a good proportion of it consists of beaches. One can encounter scrublands, sand dunes, emerald beaches, rocky summits, steep slopes, alpine zones, verdant mountains, Mediterranean woods, vineyards and olive groves, while the same contrasts are met below sea surface. Long sandy beaches with all tourist amenities, secluded coves, coarse pebble beaches, fine pebble beaches, dark sand, red sand, light sand and more.

Oil and wine flow abundantly in Crete, as its land is rich and favors the cultivation of olive trees and grapes. Most importantly, the fruits are produced with quality and make them unique in the world.
However, in addition to systematic cultivation, the land itself produces products, such as mushrooms, many types of herbs, snails, etc.

The vast gorges, the countless caves, the endless beaches, create this unique in the world, beautiful puzzle called Crete.