Organized endless beaches stretch along 12 kilometers in Rethymnon, Crete.

Rethymno Beach

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Organized sandy beach stretches over 20 km, from the city of Rethymno to the east at the areas of Perivolia, Platanes, Adelianos Kampos, Skaleta.

Episkopi  Beach


Located west of the Rethymno city, this long sandy beach is partly organized.



At the bay of Bali, where is also located the seaside settlement 34 km east of Rethymno, the visitor has the opportunity to swim at one of the small harbors and enjoy the facilities of the organized beach. In the area there are many taverns, hotels and rooms to let.



Located 40 km south of Rethymno, the settlement of Plakias is a resort with a wonderful sandy beach and many facilities in hotels, rooms to let, taverns and restaurants. At the organized beach a visitor can swim and enjoy a variety of water sports.

Souda Plakias


On the west side of Plakias village, is situated the organized sandy beach. Close to the beach you can find rooms to let and a few taverns.



In the south side of Rethymno, just west of Plakias village is located this organized sandy beach. It offers rooms to let and a few taverns.



Located near Damnoni, this small sandy beach is not organized and is almost deserted.

Lake Preveli


Located 38 kilometers south of Rethymno, just before the historic Preveli Monastery, following a dirt road to a certain point and afterwards walking on foot for about 15 minutes, one can find an enchanting sandy beach with palm trees right at the mouth of the river Kourtaliotis.



The beach of Triopetra, named after the three stones that characterize it, is located about 50 km south of Rethymno. One can visit this beach if it follows the road to Agia Galini and in the 40th klm turns to Akoumia village and continues. It is a huge, not organized sandy beach and almost deserted.

Agios Pavlos


Located 58km south of Rethymno, is the stunning sandy beach of Agios Pavlos. To get there, you need to follow the road to Agia Galini and in the 46th km at Kria Vrisi village turn right and continue towards the sea. Swimming to one of the isolated narrow bays formed by the rocks and dunes is a unique experience. At Agios Pavlos village there are rooms to let and taverns.

Agia Galini


The resort of Agia Galini is 58 km south of Rethymno. Apart from the numerous tourist facilities, it also has wonderful, crystal clear beaches which lay within the picturesque harbors of the area.



It is located south of Rethymno, just south of the village of Rodakino, which is 42 km from Rethymno . Korakas is a sandy and organized beach, while the area has hotels, many rooms to let and taverns.