The Prefecture of Rethymno is the heart of Crete and one of the most beautiful places in Greece. It is one of the four prefectures of Crete built in the northern part of the island. Rethymnon is bordered to the east by the prefecture of Heraklion and to the west by the prefecture of Chania, furthermore on the north side lays the Cretan Sea and on the south the Libyan Sea.

Rethymnon stretches from the White Mountains to Psiloritis and covers a territory of ​​1496 sq. km with a population of 70,095 inhabitants.

The prefecture of Rethymno is the most mountainous region in Crete. 510 sqm οut of 1,496 sqm are agricultural land, 933 sqm are pastures, 36 sqm are covered by settlements and only 17 sq. km. are covered by Mediterranean forests of oak, pine and maple.

The Mediterranean climate is temperate and mostly dry-warm. The sunny days encounter about the 67% of the year and the temperature ranges from 12oC to 27oC. The prevailing winds are usually from the North and Northwest. Also winds from the southern are also strοng.
Rethymno with Psiloritis and the blue sea, with traces of 4,500 years of civilization, with numerous Byzantine churches and monasteries, with magical Venetian monuments, with the most well preserved Renaissance city in Greece, with endless beaches, caves, gorges, unique flora and fauna , is waiting for you.

Rethymno is the home of Zeus, the god of hospitality. The majority of repeated visitors confirm the poet’s words: “Rethymno is not a place to go but to return”.

In place of today’s Rethymno was ancient Rithymna, as there is evidence of cemetery findings of the Late Minoan period found at the Mastaba area.

Rethymno is also the capital of the prefecture which is built between the two other major cities:
on the east is Heraklion (80 km distance) and on the west is Chania (60 km distance).

It is a combination of a comfortable, modern and an old town with about 20,000 inhabitants, administrative, transportation and commercial center of the prefecture, with great tourist development, significant cultural activity and a strong participation in the intellectual life of the island, focusing on the University of Crete branch.

The city hosts artistic events, exhibitions, theatrical performances, concerts, lectures, etc. It has a transportation bus service with the main towns and villages of the prefecture as well as with Heraklion and Chania.

The city flourished during the Mycenaean period, while in the 3rd century AD lost its reputation, for an unknown reason, and is referred to as “komi”. But it retained its autonomy and independence, as it appeared from the coins which continued to mint as a free city. In the Byzantine period continued to be inhabited.

In the city were found units of Roman and Byzantine mosaics.

During the years of the Venetian occupation the city experienced a great growth, since the Venetians used it as a port between Heraklion and Chania and as an administrative center of the area.

Useful Phone Numbers

Municipality of Rethymnon +30 28313 41301-5
ΕΟΤ +30 28310 29148, 56350
Police 100
Tourist Police +30 28310 28156, 53450
Municipal Police +30 28310 41260
Traffic Police +30 28310 22589
Police Station +30 28310 88155
Fire Station 199
Port Authority +30 28310 22276
Post Office +30 28310 22303
Hospital +30 28310 87100
Health Center of Spilio +30 28320 22222
Health Center of Anogeia +30 28340 31208
Health Center of Perama +30 28340 23075
Health Center of Agia Fotini +30 22750-2
KTEL (Bus station) +30 28310 22212
Taxi +30 28310 25000, 71900, 22316
Taxi for the Disabled +30 28310 56678
ΑΝΕΚ +30 28310 29846
Mountaineering Club +30 28310 57766
Sailing Club of Rethymno +30 28310 50450
Cycling Club +30 28310 53197
Archaeological Museum of Rethymno +30 28310 54668
Art Gallery “L. Kanakaki” +30 28310 52530, 52689
Historical – Folklore Museum of Rethymno +30 28310 23398, 23666
Center of Cretan Art +30 28310 51501
Palaeontological Museum of Rethymnon +30 28310 23083
Catholic Church +30 28310 26416
Folklore – Historical Museum (Somatas) +30 28310 41315
Museum of Traditional Costumes (Roustika) +30 28310 91144
Monastery of Preveli +30 28320 41444
Monastery of Arkadi +30 28310 83076, 83126
Cave of Zoniana +30 28340 61734