The prefecture of Lassithi occupies the far-eastern part of the island and it is divided into 8 municipalities:

Aghios Nikolaos,
Oropedio (Lassithi Plateau),
Makri Gialos,
Lefki, and Itanos.

Lasithi is embraced by the Cretan Sea in the north, the Libyan Sea in the south, the Carpathian Sea in the east, whilst in the west, the mountain range of Dikti prevails imposingly, spreading its verdant mountainsides down to the plains of Mirabello and those of Ierapetra, in a picturesque contrast.

The land morphology throughout the prefecture, with the ever changing, highly contrasting landscape, as well as its unequaled natural beauties, captures the visitor from the very first moment.

The main occupation of the inhabitants is agriculture and cattle breading. Its geographical location with its quite warm climate helps the production of early vegetables and bananas. The plateau of Lasithi is one of the most fertile areas of the prefecture, at an altitude of 850 m, and it is ideal for producing potatoes and apples.

As far as the origin of its name is concerned, there are several versions, however the most possible are the following two: the one that mentions the town of Sitia, as the Venetian conquerors wrote it as La Sitti and is supported by Paul Favre, and the other version that mentions the ancient Greek word “lasios”, which means a verdant place.

The capital of the prefecture is Agios Nikolaos with the characteristic small harbour constructed around a deep bay.

The prefecture offers peaceful beaches with idyllic bays, intense alternations between the landscape and nature, such as the palm forest of Vai, the marvelous forest of pines and wild cypresses of Selakano, and also the archaeological and historical areas, like the palace of Zakros, of Agia Triada (the Holy Trinity) and the magnificent historical monastery of Toblou.

The road network of the prefecture is constantly expanding.

Useful Phone Numbers

Information Office of the Municipality of Agios Nikolaos 0841-22357
Development Organization of Sitia(OAS) 0843-23590
Municipal Company Itanos 0843-61546
Tourist Development Company of Lassithi Plateau (EΤΑΝΟL) 0844-22666
Hellenic Tourism Organization (EOT), Agios Nikolaos Office 0841-27343/27344
Tourist Police of Agios Nikolaos 0841 26900
Police station of Agios Nikolaos 0841 22338
Police central management  of Agios Nikolaos 0841 22498
Traffic police Agios Nikolaos 0841 23951
Police station Sitia 0843 22266
Police station  Ierapetra 0842 22222
Police station Ierapetra 0842 22234
Traffic police Ierapetra
0842 24444
Police station Neapoli
0841 32242
Police station Zakros 0843 93323
Police station Kalo Chorio
0841 61262
Police station Koutsouras 0843 51666
Police station Kritsa 0841 51206
Police station Mirtos 0842 51204
Police station Mirtos 0842 93250
Police station Elounda 0841 41348
Police station Lithines 0843 31277
Police station Paleokastro 0843 61222
Police station Tourloti 0843 94255
Police station Chandras 0843 31208
Police station Tzermiado 0844 22218
Police station Psicro 0844 31292
Fire Department of Agios Nikolaos 0841 22674-28773-199
Fire Department of Ierapetra 0842 22199-199
HOSPITAL Agios Nikolaos 0841 25221-9
HOSPITAL Ierapetra 0842 2697722488
HOSPITAL Sitia 0843 24311-425931-4
HOSPITAL Neapoli 0841 3135133333
Αγροτικό Ιατρείο Kritsa 0841 51216
Αγροτικό Ιατρείο Prina 0841 61595
Health Center of Elounda 0841 41563
Agricultural Clinic Loumas 0841 91220
Agricultural Clinic Fourni 0841 32691
Agricultural Clinic Vrahasi 0841 32512
Agricultural Clinic Houmeriako 0841 31791
Health Center of Tzermiado 0844 22602
Agricultural Clinic Nea Mala
0842 91203
Agricultural Clinic Kalo Chorio
0842 31203
Agricultural Clinic Mirtos 0842 51222
Agricultural Clinic Shinokapsala 0842 71222
Agricultural Clinic Exo Mouliana
0843 95266
Agricultural Clinic Tourloti 0843 94300
Agricultural Clinic Agios Stefanos
0843 51704
Agricultural Clinic Stavrohori 0843 41216
Agricultural Clinic Handras 0843 31209
Agricultural Clinic Karidi 0843 22711
Agricultural Clinic Zakros 0843 93265
Agricultural Clinic Lithines 0843 31350