The Prefecture of Chania occupies the westernmost regional unit of the island covering an area of ​​2376 sq km. with a population of 150,387 inhabitants (census 2001).

It borders with the Prefecture of Rethymno to the East while the warm waters of the Mediterranean, the Cretan Sea on the north and the Liviko Sea on the south, lap a remaining area of 350 square km of seashore on its three other sides.

The majestic White Mountain range or Madares with its dozens of peaks, the tallest of all being Pahnes (2454 metres), constitutes the backbone of the prefecture. The capital of the prefecture is the city of Chania with a population of about 65,000 inhabitants, while the entire prefecture has about 110,000 inhabitants.

It was named after a vitiation of the Arabic name of the region Al Chanim, according to one point of view. It is a city of great history, since many Arabs, Venetians and Turks have walked through its alleys. As a result, the architectural influence of these three cultures is obvious at the old city.

In the northern part of the Prefecture, lies the large valley of Chania, where most of the 17 million olive trees of the island grow, as well as enormous areas of orange trees.  The tourist infrastructure is great and capable to meet the high expectations of the tourists from Greece or Europe.

Useful Phone Numbers

Police Chania 2821 0 28744-51111
Tourist Police Chania 2821 0 73333
Traffic Police Chania 2821 0 41111
Port Authority Chania 2821 0 28388-28888
Port Authority Souda 2821 0 89240
Port Authority Kastelli 2822 0 22024
Post Office Chania 2821 0 28444
Municipality Of Chania 2821 0 97777-22407
Prefecture of Chania 2821 0 28800
Hospital Chania 2821 0 27231-26666
Health Center Chania 2821 0 53888
Airport Chania 2821 0 63264
Taxis 2821 0 98700-98701
Buses within Chania 2821 0 93024
Buses for rest of Crete 2821 0 93306