Archaeological sites



Ancient Lissos was the seaport of Elyros and was built in a small valley between Sougia and Paleochora, whose ruins are preserved between Paliochora (west) and Sougia (east), on the south coast of the Prefecture of Chania and can be reached by boat from Sougia, which will offer you a pleasant 20-minute sea ride, or on a hike from Sougia to Lisso (1.5 – 2 hours).
The path starts from the port of Sougia. From here you will enter a small gorge (photo), while half an hour later you will start to climb the slope that will bring you to a hill above Sougia.
Follow the path and a little later you will see Lisso below you.

You can still see the mosaic floors of the temple of Asclepius with depictions of animals, which was destroyed by an earthquake. A walk in the valley of Lissos will impress you, as the area is dispersed with ancient ruins, such as pillars, building bases and pieces of marble.